Why outsource to Jamaica?

Jamaica has increasingly become one of the most desirable outsourcing locations due to:

  • Close proximity to North America
  • English speaking natives
  • Highly talented labor force
  • Expanding BPO industry

Jamaica has also experienced significant growth in the call center/BPO sector over the past decade, with plans to expand even further. Nearshore outsourcing is one of the top sources of national employment, with support from the government and local entities, Jamaica remains one of the most desirable offshore locations in the world.

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A Word about Pimsware

Based in Atlanta, GA, Pimsware is a software development company that provides solutions to organizations that manage large volumes of data, online fulfillment and call center operations across various industries.

Pimsware aggregates buyers of BPO services across the US and Canada, then partners with Kore Contact Center in Montego Bay Jamaica to encourage commerce across Jamaica’s robust BPO sector.

Our mission is to foster buyer and seller relationships.


What we offer

  • Full-time Agent
  • Part-time Agent
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Trainer

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